Permit Application

Your event may require a liquor permit. Following the guidelines below will help ensure that you stay in compliance with state liquor laws.

A temporary liquor permit is required if a qualified organization intends to provide any type of alcohol either for sale by the drink or through the use of an entrance fee to the party or function.

If no money will change hands during your event, you’re in luck: You won’t need a permit according to Ohio liquor laws.

For those who do need a permit, there are two types. There’s the F permit, which allows the holder to sell beer or spirits for a period of no longer than five

days, and an F-2 permit, which allows a nonprofit to sell them until 1 a.m. for no longer than two days. Other restrictions apply in regards to these permits.

Once a permit is obtained, the alcohol must be purchased from a wholesale brewer or distributor. That’s where we come in! Treu House of Munch is happy to provide everything you need to satisfy your guests, and to keep the beer (and good times) flowing.

For more information on permit types and regulations, visit the Commerce Division of Liquor Control website.